Aboriginal Symbols Toddler Puzzle


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Aboriginal Symbols Toddler Puzzle. A fun and educational sensory journey through the rich tapestry of Indigenous culture.

Each set puzzle 7 different Aboriginal symbols: Boomerang, Man, Waterhole, Smoke, Emu Track, Kangaroo Track and Possum Track.

These symbols, integral to Aboriginal storytelling and communication, are not just symbols, they're a language that conveys stories, traditions, and knowledge passed down through generations.

Proudly Australian made, these tracing cards are crafted from all-natural eucalypt plywood timber, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. The natural texture and shape of the wood tiles add another layer to the sensory experience.

Suitable for indoor use.

The Aboriginal Symbols Toddler Puzzle is an invaluable resource for introducing young minds to the depth and diversity of Aboriginal culture, fostering a sense of wonder, respect, and connection that will last a lifetime.


30(L) x 30(W) x 2(H)cm 

Weight: 3kg.

Ages: Toddler +

Aboriginal Symbols Toddler Puzzle

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